DHT Transportation

Serving the entire Southeastern Michigan/Detroit Metropolitan Area



Who We Are

DHT Transportation was established in the city of Detroit and has been at the same Rosa Parks Blvd location for 22 years. DHT Transportation was originally formed by three local businessmen (Walter Douglas, Paul Hubbard, and Sam Thomas), and in 2002 sold to the Alltown Bus Company, Greg Polan and Tom Vorndran members of the LLC ownership group.


For over thirty five years DHT Transportation has provided safe, professional, and high quality school bus transportation for students throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. We can manage all of your field trip transportation needs as well.


With a hundred clean buses serving the local market and the availability of other buses with increased demand (most are newer models). All our buses have met all State of Michigan, Department of Education insurance requirements and all school bus inspection guidelines and performance measures of the Michigan State Police School Bus Inspection Unit.

We have 120 professional and well trained drivers.  Their training includes new school bus driver and continuing annual re-certification.