DHT Transportation

Serving the entire Southeastern Michigan/Detroit Metropolitan Area



DHT Standard of Excellence


Mission Statement: The safe transportation for all our student riders.

DHT TransportationOur children are special. They come to us with smiles, happiness, fears. misfortunes of all sorts touch their young lives.

Our children are special. Our commitment to each of them is safe and professional transportation to and from school.

Our children are special. Like the postman, “neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor gloom of night shall keep us from the mission” to which each DHT employee is committed.

Our children are special. We are role models; we are helpers; and we understand that because we are professionals and they are all our students; each with their own needs, each with their own goals, and each with their own limitations. Through them we see ourselves, our smiles, our happiness, our fears, and our misfortunes.

Our children are special. Through us they see a ray of hope. That makes them special and through them our commitment to be all that we can be is forever invigorated

Special points of interest:

  • Centralized routing and scheduling to minimize ride times.
  • Centralized purchasing, fleet operations, management, maintenance, and scheduled vehicle procurement and replacement.
  • High quality of service performance standards.
  • Qualified consultant in transportation management.
  • We’ll meet with community groups and other stakeholders as requested.